Flexible commercial scale fuels and chemicals

Calysta Energy™ is developing new BioGTL® and BioGTC™ technology using methane – an energy-rich component of natural gas - as a new biological feedstock for sustainable transportation fuel and industrial chemicals.

The company was formed in 2011. Calysta leverages extensive expertise in protein engineering, gene synthesis and gene expression optimization to create advanced molecular biology tools able to engineer novel production organisms which enable process technology.

Source: Pipeline and Gas Journal

U.S. Natural Gas Production 1990-2035

While global natural gas production is expected to double in the next 30 years, technology to efficiently capture its potential outside of heating and electricity production has yet to be developed on a scale compatible with most domestic applications. Calysta’s advanced bioengineering expertise allows the company to apply cutting edge technology to address a major global market opportunity.

Industrial Biotech End Markets

Source: Ernst & Young

2010: $120 - $150B Worldwide [Est.]
2025: $300 - $700B Worldwide [Est.]