Biological Gas-to-Chemicals®: Creating Novel Pathways to Widely Used Industrial Chemicals

Calysta technology has further application in production of both high value and commodity industrial chemicals currently sourced from petroleum, used in end products including fibers, plastics and building materials. Calysta’s advanced synthetic biology platform can be applied to the production of well-established biological products such as alcohols, esters, oxides and olefins, which are essential components of end-product industrial chemicals. 

calysta energy chemicals

Calysta is using its proprietary Biological Gas-to-Chemicals®
platform to convert natural gas to industrial chemicals.

Further, Calysta’s enzyme discovery and engineering platform allows for the creation of novel pathways to high value chemicals not generally considered to be produced from biological systems. Olefins, for example, are chemical building blocks used in a wide variety of consumer products including packaging, carpets, automobile parts and construction piping.

calysta energy chemicals