Biological Gas-to-Liquids®: Converting Natural Gas to Liquid Hydrocarbons

Calysta is applying its expertise in biocatalysis, synthetic biology and advanced bioengineering process design to develop biobased processes that will operate more cheaply and efficiently than chemical processes, providing both cost and environmental advantages for domestic fuel production. Calysta will apply its proprietary genetic optimization algorithms to enable the efficient development of bacteria which can convert methane to a variety of alkane fuels.

Calysta Energy primary focus gas to fuels slide

Calysta is using its proprietary Biological Gas-to-Liquids® (BGTL®)
platform to convert natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons.

In contrast to current algae- and sugar-based methods, a methane-based biofuel platform is expected to produce fuel at less than half the cost of other biological methods, allowing direct competition with petroleum-based fuels. The unique experience of Calysta’s team across successful implementation and scale-up of other commercial biobased production processes will allow us to drive development of the platform for BGTL® biofuels faster and more efficiently than possible with conventional methods.