BioGTL Calysta Energy Converting Novel Feedstocks to
High Value Sustainable Products
Using Synthetic Biology

Calysta Energy™ is developing proprietary organisms and biocatalysts to economically convert methane and other components of natural gas into liquid hydrocarbons, the building blocks of higher-value, easily transportable fuels and chemicals. Biological Gas-to-Liquids® and Biological Gas-to-Chemicals® use sophisticated biological engineering technology to create valuable cost and performance advantages over current biological and chemical fuel processes.

Metabolic pathways that exist in a wide variety of cells can be transferred into Calysta’s methane-eating bacteria. Similar to the way a smart phone can operate different apps for different functions, Calysta’s methanatrophs (hardware) can produce a diverse array of chemicals from the same feedstock using different pathways (the software) and bio-based catalysts.

Calysta Energy Technology

Shale vs. Other bar chart
Source: U.S. EIA
(Trillion Cubic Feet)

Annual change U.S. natural gas proved reserves,
shale and other sources, 2007-2010